Sunday, December 9, 2012

Akan Berjumpa

10 December 2012, is the date where me and him are going to meet. I'm going to meet the man who proposed me to be his wife! (sebut wife tu slow2 sket volume dia. hihi) and of course, I'm gonna meet him with my two girlfriends as my strengthener. cewah. 

"O Lord, give me some strength"

perkara yang harus di highlight :
- we never met before
- we are not in love, yet. (lebih minat bercinta selepas nikah)
- no answer for his proposal,yet.
- berapa banyak yet daaa.
- that's it. what am i suppose to do? *nanges*

With parent's permission, i start counting time with Bismillah. May Allah bless Us.



p/s :  Neves tahap apa dah ni nak jumpa encik australia.


sini2.komen kt sini.